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For more than 15 years we have been active in the commercialization of industrial products.

Many of the products that we market come from disassembled manufacturing facilities, as well as their spare parts inventories.

Due to economic constraints, such systems are modernized long before their end of use.Through the re-marketing, we are making these replacement parts available to the market again, which is resource-saving and sustainable.

Due to our optimal organizational structure, we are always able to adapt to your individual needs. 

For you it is important that we buy the goods "as they are", that means you sell to us without warranty.

We are also interested in purchasing complete spare parts or spare parts warehouses for components that may no longer be in use or still exist as an overhang of a production changeover.

Due to our reliable and always correct way of working, we maintain many long-term business relationships and look forward to including you soon.

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